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Asobee: Splatoon Episode 03 (Boss Rush!)

(Note: Episode contains story spoilers!) We beat the storyline in Splatoon and had so much fun that we decided to attempt our first ever Boss Rush. Watch us take down all of the bosses and hold onto your butts as Roy tackles the big kahuna at the very end! Afterwards, we play some online battles… Read more »

Asobee: Splatoon Episode 02

[Note: This episode contains story spoilers for World 4.] We continue to bust our way through the Splatoon storyline and discover a delightful Easter egg in the research notes. Join us on our paint-blotched journey as we take down big-lipped monster after big-lipped monster. Note: People who have pledged $5+/month to our Patreon were able… Read more »

Asobee: Splatoon Episode 01

Happy Friday! This week’s Asobee episode is on Splatoon. We actually recorded this right after getting the game, so it’s super beginner-friendly. We also spent a lot of time playing online with Anne from Chic Pixel! We lucked out in being able to play together for several straight battles despite earlier connection issues. I also… Read more »