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Asobee: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Episode 05

Hmmmmyes I didn’t quite show off my gaming prowess in this episode since Roy spent a lot of time fighting Brad before my turn. Plus, I am awful at racing games. Roy take the wheel. Episode Description: In this exciting episode we continue our epic clash against our Kingdom Hearts BBS nemesis: Brad. We also… Read more »

Asobee: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Episode 04

Happy Friday! Here’s the latest installment of our Let’s Play, where we cover waking up naked on a palm tree, walking ducks, and talk a whoooole lot of shit about Brad. Episode description: This week, with Roy at the controller, we visit several worlds including Radiant Garden and the Pride Lands. Unfortunately for Sarah, the… Read more »

Asobee: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Episode 03

*record scratch* What is our podcast doing here? Well, since Roy’s blog is pretty much in a limbo state, I thought I would cross post any of our podcast episodes here. (You can also subscribe to us on YouTube.) We are still trying to get back into the swing of regular podcasting and made it… Read more »