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Forever Hungry: Eashion Takeout

Today we are going to examine some department store takeout. Prepared meals are readily available everywhere in Tokyo, which is great when you don’t feel like cookin’ on a hot summer day. A lot of department stores and train stations have entire floors dedicated to takeout food, freshly prepared (of course) and teeming with old… Read more »

Forever Hungry: Fried Rice, Gyoza, and Mapo Tofu Tips from a Pro

It should come as no surprise that there exists Japanese shows that revolve entirely around doing things the Correct Way. There is a sentiment in Japan that if you’re going to do something, you should do it right. I whole-heartedly abide by this idea, and thus join other Type A losers in getting way too… Read more »

Stuff! Gretel no Kamado on NHK

This post is for those like myself who watch cooking shows to the point where they might need to seek help. NHK ETV has a weekly cooking show inspired by Hansel and Gretel. Y’know, the story where two children nearly escape being cooked and eaten by a witch? In a completely sensical remix of the… Read more »