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Welcome! The Patreon needs to reach the $100 milestone in order for patrons to win prizes, so do your part to contribute if you see something you like! We reached the milestone!

Next giveaway: February 4, 2015

All tiers are eligible for giveaways, so that means you could win something even just by donating a dollar a month. Higher milestones will increase the frequency and quality of giveaway items! You can read all about it on the Patreon page.

How it Works

The winner of the monthly giveaway can choose two prizes to receive. Those who donate to the $50/month tier will get one prize as a gift in addition to being eligible for the regular giveaway.


prize-03prize-04sailormoon-cup pokebag-1 pokebag-2 alice-box-pink youkaiwatch-towel prize-00 prize-01 prize-02   prize-05


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