Stuff! Patreon June Updates: Giveaway & Monster Hunter Wallpaper

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In case you missed it: our Patreon hit the $100 milestone, which means we’ll be doing a giveaway of the above Lemon Grab bag! Any patrons are eligible to win, which means you could have this sent to you for as little as one (1) American dollar! The winner can also pick a secondary prize from our Patreon store. What a steal!!

You’ll also, y’know, be supporting our online endeavors.

~*~Our giveaway ends July 4th before the next featured prize is announced.~*~

Last Friday I also posted this Monster Hunter-themed wallpaper for patrons who donated $10+. Every month they’ll get a new one!


The sleeping poogie matches our newly refreshed My Fair Hunter site. We found out our capture card won’t arrive for a while, so in the meantime we’ll be brushing off Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate. Look forward to the episodes starting next week!

Asobee: Splatoon Episode 02


[Note: This episode contains story spoilers for World 4.]

We continue to bust our way through the Splatoon storyline and discover a delightful Easter egg in the research notes. Join us on our paint-blotched journey as we take down big-lipped monster after big-lipped monster.

Note: People who have pledged $5+/month to our Patreon were able to watch this video way earlier!

Forever Hungry: Suntory Torys Special Edition Bitter Orange High Ball


Hello friends. Today I have a Torys Special Edition Bitter Orange High Ball by Suntory.

I’ve mentioned before that the classic lemon high ball is probably one of my favorite canned beverages that I’ve come across for its clean taste without too much sweetness.


So special my camera couldn’t see straight.

The Bitter Orange edition is pretty true to its intended flavor. Where you might normally except some acidity from the orange there was instead a bitter tang that makes the drink feel very adult. (I would not recommend this drink for children as their palettes for canned alcohols have not yet been developed.)

Still, the novelty started to wear off after about halfway through the can, which led me to the important decision that I prefer the traditional lemon version. Phew! Sometimes these special edition beverages taste better than the original, which makes it a bummer when they stop being sold.


The little man has an orange on his tray.

I’d recommend trying the Bitter Orange high ball if you’re able to find it. Sometimes it’s good to shake things up and try something really zany by replacing one fruit with another.


Asobee: Splatoon Episode 01


Happy Friday! This week’s Asobee episode is on Splatoon. We actually recorded this right after getting the game, so it’s super beginner-friendly. We also spent a lot of time playing online with Anne from Chic Pixel! We lucked out in being able to play together for several straight battles despite earlier connection issues.

I also tried my hand at video editing since Roy is limited on time outside of work. I think I’m getting the hang of it. You can skip to the end to see a little promo I put together that Roy voiced over. So legit now.

Note: People who have pledged $5+/month to our Patreon were able to watch this video way earlier!

Stuff! Wakako-zake by Shinkyuu Chie


Each volume comes with a coaster.

Each volume comes with a coaster.

I was hit hard with the desire to buy some manga one night after a day spent in Shinjuku. Roy and I stumbled into a Kinokuniya and I wandered aimlessly around, not sure what I was in the mood for. I’m oblivious to current popular titles but wanted to brush up on what the cool kids are reading.

Tucked away in the back corner, Wakako-zake caught my eye. It featured a young woman in her mid-twenties eating and drinking alcohol by herself. The artwork implied that didn’t take itself too seriously. I was sold.


From the first chapter (translation by me)

Wakako is the protagonist – the “zake” part of the series title just means alcohol (saké doesn’t necessarily always mean Japanese saké, it’s also a term used just for alcohol in general). The chapters are short and self-contained, each revolving around a different food paired with a different alcohol. You can feel the height of Wakako’s satisfaction with her signature sigh “pushuu”.

Though the premise is quite simple, I can’t help but wonder about Wakako’s personal life, as she truly treasures her time spent eating and drinking alone–despite having a boyfriend (who never makes an appearance in the first two volumes that I’ve read). I’m not saying they always need to eat together, but the point being made seems intentional. (She ain’t need no man.)

Wakako’s anti-socialness resonates with me as a fellow hermit. She turns down invites from friends in favor of eating and drinking by herself. She relishes time spent alone, and in the rare event that Wakako is with her group of friends, it’s clear that her thoughts are continuously centered on her next meal and drink.

Such a premise would die in a fire in America, but luckily the series has done well enough in Japan to warrant its own live action TV show and anime series, which is airing this July.

The Wakakozake anime is coming this July.

Super stoked for this.

According to the website, the author had this to say about the anime adaptation:

Regarding the anime: as a kid I remember whenever there was an eating scene in old Japanese folk tales or famous plays, I would say “I wanna eat that!” and was a major pain to the adults around me.

May this show be a pain to all the adults who watch it…(laughs)

You can read the first installment of the Wakako-zake manga on Pixiv. Otherwise, you’ll have to hang tight until the anime airs later this summer.

[Liebster Award] Interview + 11 Facts About Yours Truly, Illustrated

I spent all day working on this post, but I had been mulling it over ever since blogger bro Anne nominated me on Chic Pixel a few weeks ago.

Look, ma! I'm a winner. I stole this image from Anne's blog.

Look, ma! I’m a winner. I stole this image from Anne’s blog.

Basically, you answer 11 interview questions and then present 11 facts about yourself. I went a step further and drew up my responses for easier digestion.

Here we go!



Asobee: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Episode 05


Hmmmmyes I didn’t quite show off my gaming prowess in this episode since Roy spent a lot of time fighting Brad before my turn. Plus, I am awful at racing games. Roy take the wheel.

Episode Description:

In this exciting episode we continue our epic clash against our Kingdom Hearts BBS nemesis: Brad. We also pop by Disney Town to knock around fruit and race against a huge cat or dog or… well, we’re not really sure.

Note: People who have pledged $5+/month to our Patreon were able to watch this video way earlier!

Stuff! Totally Normal Manga I’ve Been Reading on Pixiv


You may know Pixiv as an online hub for artists, but did you know they also have comics? Pixiv Comics is where you can read countless titles for free online (Japanese only).

Some comics only have certain chapters you can read to entice you to buy the published version, but there are quite a few that have each installment available to read for free. Just click the “いいね!” button on any title you like and you’ll be notified whenever that title has an update.

With that brief introduction, here are some titles I’ve been into lately.


Odette by Hiate Haru.


Out & About: Ghibli Museum in Mitaka

featured-out 0DSCN0768

We’ve been dying to go to the Ghibli Museum for yeeeears. It always seemed just out of reach since it requires a lot of planning to go, but we are now in a position where we could finally make the pilgrimage to the mecca of themed attractions. We thought it would be a nice break away from the city to take Roy’s mom during her visit here.

Pictures inside the building were prohibited, but we did snag quite a few photos in the outer perimeter and dining areas. Come along with me as I recap our extraordinary day.


[Soapbox] We Have a Patreon!

Happy Friday! I have some exciting news!

~*~*We opened a Patreon.*~*~

I have been working on this for the past month, trying to come up with the best milestones/reward system. I think we have some enticing incentives for people who pledge at all levels!

If we reach the first milestone, everyone (including $1/month tiers!) will be eligible to win prizes from our fancy new Patreon store.

The first giveaway’s featured prize is this…

So not only will you help support all the fun stuff Roy and I bring to the web, but you’ll have a chance to nab some really neat prizes. I take pride in finding unique items that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I’m excited at the prospect of shopping for patrons!!

Patrons will also help me and Roy continue to produce content every week. In fact, we just bit the bullet and ordered a capture card modded 3DS so we can get My Fair Hunter back on track (with social nights!). Everybody wins.

Please take a look by clicking below!