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Stuff! Match Shoujo (燐寸少女) by Suzuki Sanami

Also picked up the first two volumes of Match Shoujo. Dig the art style A photo posted by Sarah O'Donnell (@everydayfoxlife) on Aug 23, 2015 at 5:10am PDT Since fall is rapidly approaching, I’ve been in the mood for spooky stuff. Give me the spook! Like many people, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays,… Read more »

Stuff! Chiisana Ojisan Series

For our latest Patreon giveaway, Roy and I found these blind boxes of a series of little old man figurines. I couldn’t resist adding them to our lot of prizes.   Who wouldn’t want one of these dudes hanging out with you? I like the sitting one, personally. The premise translates to: When I was… Read more »

Stuff! Gretel no Kamado on NHK

This post is for those like myself who watch cooking shows to the point where they might need to seek help. NHK ETV has a weekly cooking show inspired by Hansel and Gretel. Y’know, the story where two children nearly escape being cooked and eaten by a witch? In a completely sensical remix of the… Read more »

Stuff! Patreon June Updates: Giveaway & Monster Hunter Wallpaper

In case you missed it: our Patreon hit the $100 milestone, which means we’ll be doing a giveaway of the above Lemon Grab bag! Any patrons are eligible to win, which means you could have this sent to you for as little as one (1) American dollar! The winner can also pick a secondary prize… Read more »

Stuff! Wakako-zake by Shinkyuu Chie

  I was hit hard with the desire to buy some manga one night after a day spent in Shinjuku. Roy and I stumbled into a Kinokuniya and I wandered aimlessly around, not sure what I was in the mood for. I’m oblivious to current popular titles but wanted to brush up on what the… Read more »

Stuff! Totally Normal Manga I’ve Been Reading on Pixiv

You may know Pixiv as an online hub for artists, but did you know they also have comics? Pixiv Comics is where you can read countless titles for free online (Japanese only). Some comics only have certain chapters you can read to entice you to buy the published version, but there are quite a few… Read more »

Stuff! Gegege no Kitaro Collab from Graniph


If you’re ever in Japan and stumble on to a store called Graniph (err, full name: Design Tshirts Store Graniph), do yourself a favor and head right on in. You will be smacked in the face with wall-to-wall eye candy in the form of everyday wearable fashion. Roy and I had been to one in… Read more »

Stuff! How to Play Neko Atsume (ねこあつめ)

Maybe you’ve seen your friends on Twitter sharing screenshots of a cartoon garden with some cats. I’ve gotten so sucked into it that I even modeled my latest Twitter avatar after it. The mobile game Neko Atsume, which translates to Cat Collection, is free to download even for US iTunes accounts (you can copy and… Read more »

Stuff! Unboxing My Habanero Boyfriend

Want to grow your own ikemen plant boyfriend? @everydayfoxlife gives a full report — Atelier Annelee (@apricotsushi) May 14, 2015 Anne over at Chic Pixel entrusted me to grow my very own habanero boyfriend. Take a gander at the unboxing experience and learn all about what growing vegetable boys has to do with… Read more »

Stuff!: Mandom Oil in Body Milk Cinderella Edition

Living right next to a drug store is dangerous since it’s the one place where you can find a lot of really cool skincare and makeup stuff for lower prices than department stores*. I just ran out of hand lotion and was in dire need of something that would prevent my perpetually dry skin from… Read more »