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[Soapbox] Chic Pixel Plus Interview with Anne

Another day, another podcast! A few months ago Anne chatted with me and Roy about the Big Move to Japan. Roy reflected on working as an editor at 8-4, while I maybe gabbed too much about television and literal garbage. You can hear all about it over on her site. On that note, I am… Read more »

[Soapbox] We Made a Game! Amity Bound for Windows and OSX

This past month Roy and I have been feverishly working on a game to submit to the International Love Ultimatum, a game jam spearheaded by Twitter friend Amanda (@acosmos). We made the deadline! (…with only minutes to spare due to some exporting issues. Welp.) Roy has forever talked about making a game, so this was… Read more »

[Liebster Award] Interview + 11 Facts About Yours Truly, Illustrated

I spent all day working on this post, but I had been mulling it over ever since blogger bro Anne nominated me on Chic Pixel a few weeks ago.   Basically, you answer 11 interview questions and then present 11 facts about yourself. I went a step further and drew up my responses for easier… Read more »

[Soapbox] We Have a Patreon!

Happy Friday! I have some exciting news! ~*~*We opened a Patreon.*~*~ I have been working on this for the past month, trying to come up with the best milestones/reward system. I think we have some enticing incentives for people who pledge at all levels! If we reach the first milestone, everyone (including $1/month tiers!) will… Read more »

Soapbox: Ways to Follow My Antics Online

Follow my blog with Bloglovin In an attempt to put myself Out There more, I’ve decided to sign up for Bloglovin account. It required me to create a new post with the above code, so I thought I might as well have a quick roundup of other ways you can follow me online: Twitter: my… Read more »