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Shop Talk: Feedly Review

left my computer for 5 minutes to talk to my cats & came back to reader going away. never leaving my desk again. never talking to cats again — Sarah O'Donnell (@everydayfoxlife) March 14, 2013 thinking about holding a vigil for my ifttt recipes — Sarah O'Donnell (@everydayfoxlife) March 14, 2013 I was an avid… Read more »

Shop Talk: Yon Koma/4 Panel Comic Photoshop Template

As mentioned on my Tumblr yesterday, Roy and a few others had been asking me to do more slice of life comics. A Japanese yon koma (or 4 panel) comic might be the perfect format for such a thing! Simple and to the point. Anyway, I have a problem where if I’m about to do… Read more »

Shop Talk: Using Dashes in Japanese Text

Once in a while I’ll see an illustration or graphic that has some Japanese in it that looks a bit…off. Why? The dashes. When you write vertically, the dashes need to be vertical as well. Just a head’s up for those incorporating Japanese into their work.