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Shiso Corner: 5 Ways Foreigners are Insulted in Japan

Saw this article posted on Facebook and thought it was interesting enough to share. It’s titled “Foreigners who live in Japan speak out! 5 irritating things Japanese people say”. I thought it was a nice change of pace from more typical sentiments like “Americans! When will they stop getting drunk and breaking our stuff?” or… Read more »

Shiso Corner: Censorship and Barefoot Gen

I took a nuclear studies class in college, which happened to be taught by my Japanese teacher at the time. She originally hailed from Hiroshima and her mother had survived the atomic bomb drop in 1945. One of the movies we watched in class about the bomb drop was Barefoot Gen (はだしのゲン), an animated film… Read more »

Shiso Corner: What is Agoo?

Okay, so it would be an incredibly specific pun on behalf of Animal Crossing. But I’m still not convinced it would be entirely out the question! So, a little abit about agoo: Agoo is a specific type of black pig with mysterious origins, but mostly likely it was introduced to Okinawa from China, and traces… Read more »