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Out & About: Vermont 2013

A few weeks ago Roy and I went to Vermont for a weekend. His relatives rent a cottage every year and we were kindly invited to stay for a few days. Despite being knee deep in work for our upcoming Gunner’s Guide, we decided to take a few days off to do some sight seeing…. Read more »

Out & About: ConnectiCon 2013

People kept asking us if we were going to ConnectiCon this year, and we kept telling them that we weren’t. Tickets are a bit pricey for casual con-goers and I had no plans on exhibiting like last year. On a whim, though, Roy was able to get media passes through his site. We weren’t too… Read more »

Out & About: Weekend Trip to Boston, MA

Earlier this year I got a Facebook message from my friend C. I originally met her when we were both studying abroad in Osaka. We became good pals but went our separate ways at the end of our stay. Six years later, I get a Facebook message from her inviting me and Roy to stay… Read more »

Out & About: Day Trip To Mitsuwa, NJ

On Friday Roy and I took a loooong overdue day trip to Edgewater, NJ to visit the 4-day Gourmet Fair that was taking place in the Mitsuwa shopping plaza. Yes, my idea of a day off includes grocery shopping! I don’t even care because the food was so damn good. We arrived pretty hungry after… Read more »