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Jambox: Magic Color by AMIAYA

We’re going to ConnectiCon this weekend, so I thought I’d share some cheesy Shibuya-kei pop. AMIAYA are twin models/singers/fashionistas. I love the crazy costumes and sets in this video. People hate on over-the-top Japanese sets, but I don’t know, I live for that stuff. Visual sensory overload.

Jambox: Golden Sea by French Films

Ignore the fact that the video looks like Instagram threw up all over it. Play the song and open a new tab in your browser. Catch up on some webcomics. What’s a summer without a little dream pop?

Jambox: Your Fine Petting Duck by Devendra Banhart if he doesn’t try his best / please remember that I never tried at all I’ve had Devendra Banhart’s Mala album on regular rotation ever since it came out earlier this year. The self-disparaging lyrics and mellow music are fitting when you’re feeling a little down. I especially like this song’s theme of a… Read more »


Happy Friday! Here’s a clip from MINMI’s Sakura single that came out earlier this year. MINMI’s name might sound familiar to those who’ve seen Samurai Champloo. She has also collaborated with artists such as m-flo and Shonannokaze, the latter of which is actually featured on the Japanese version of this song. Sadly this English version… Read more »