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Hello Especially by スキマスイッチ 調子はどうですか? / 忙しくしていますか? This is the ending theme song to Gin no Saji/Silver Spoon, a really well-done show about the agricultural industry in Hokkaido, Japan. This song encapsulates the simple life the only way Japan can: with poppy guitar singin’. The video is terrible, but maybe I’m just jaded. It reminds of the hokey… Read more »

Jambox: Live Your Life by Yuna

I woke up with this song in my head. It’s mellow and makes me think of driving on the highway at night. The artist is Yuna, a Malaysian singer that was introduced to me by my friend C when we did a music swap one day. (Apparently this song is in GTAV? What a bizarre… Read more »

Jambox: Beauty by Edan Scientists explain that they no longer know things / A dog takes a shit on the floor and grows wings Psychedelic hip hop at its finest, Beauty is from Edan’s 2005 album Beauty and the Beat. I also learned my new favorite phrase today thanks to the comments on this video: I love to… Read more »

Jambox: Price is Right by A-1 Price is Right!! This is the theme song reworked and rapped over by A-1 from his album After School Special. The album has other renditions of 90s theme songs like Family Matters and Golden Girls. The album is pretty excellent overall and not as hokey as you’d expect. Updates from this week Gunner’s guide… Read more »

Jambox: ルーザー by The Flickers

So I figured out that I could embed music files, which is great because there are quite a few Japanese songs that aren’t available on YouTube. This was one of them. The song means “Loser”. It’s my favorite track from The Flickers’s 2012 EP Fl!ck. Love the bit where the singer goes totally nuts at… Read more »

Jambox: Thank God for Sinners by Ty Segall

(NSFW warning for some blood at the end there.) This song is super stuck in my head today. It’s sort of a 60s “life is kind of unreal right now” vibe. I guess life is a little bit strange at the moment. Just learned that our family dentist passed away last night. Utada Hikaru’s mother… Read more »

Jambox: I’m Not Your Hero by Tegan & Sara

Sometimes it feels like I’m all that they’ve got It’s so hard to know I’m not what they want I love Tegan & Sara for the honesty in their lyrics. Some of them are so personal it’s as though you’re reading a diary. This track is from Hearthrob, which came out earlier this year. In… Read more »

Jambox: Casting Agents and Cowgirls by Busdriver

I love how chaotic this song and video is! From Busdriver’s 2007 album Roadkillovercoat. You might also recognize him from P.O.S’s 2012 album We Don’t Even Live Here (another artist I need to feature soon! Argh!). Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week! I meant to post the final Bradbury-inspired Shop Talk installment,… Read more »

Jambox: Green Eyes by Erykah Badu

My eyes are green/Cause I eat a lot of vegetables/It don’t have nothing to do with your new friend A three-part suite about insecurity. My Friday posts are quickly becoming a recap of my work week and I hope that’s okay! This week was great despite a couple of days where I absolutely couldn’t get… Read more »

Jambox: Waltz for Hulot by Mamerico

Our heat wave broke, and the temperature for the past couple of days feels like the beginning of fall already. Matched with a random pumpkin ale Roy gave me the other night, it’s as though we skipped August and September entirely. I’ve started listening to Mamerico in the mornings again. Waltz for Hulot is the… Read more »