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Forever Hungry: Eashion Takeout

Today we are going to examine some department store takeout. Prepared meals are readily available everywhere in Tokyo, which is great when you don’t feel like cookin’ on a hot summer day. A lot of department stores and train stations have entire floors dedicated to takeout food, freshly prepared (of course) and teeming with old… Read more »

Forever Hungry: Fried Rice, Gyoza, and Mapo Tofu Tips from a Pro

It should come as no surprise that there exists Japanese shows that revolve entirely around doing things the Correct Way. There is a sentiment in Japan that if you’re going to do something, you should do it right. I whole-heartedly abide by this idea, and thus join other Type A losers in getting way too… Read more »

Forever Hungry: Suntory Torys Special Edition Bitter Orange High Ball

  Hello friends. Today I have a Torys Special Edition Bitter Orange High Ball by Suntory. I’ve mentioned before that the classic lemon high ball is probably one of my favorite canned beverages that I’ve come across for its clean taste without too much sweetness.   The Bitter Orange edition is pretty true to its… Read more »

Forever Hungry: Chabara Store in Akihabara

We went to Akihabara one weekend searching for a place to get a 3DS capture card, but unfortunately missed its open hours. So we instead wandered around when a store called Chabara caught my eye. It is right near the AKB48 and Gundam cafés (and no, I do not plan on going to either of… Read more »

Forever Hungry: Takara Shochu Highball Ginger & Ramuné

I know what you’re thinking: Sarah! You don’t talk enough about booze! You’re right. I am here to rectify that with a double booze review: Takara Shochu Highball in Ginger and Ramuné flavors. (You might remember my first Takara Shochu Highball review with Shikuawasa flavor.) This time I spent some time taking close-ups so you… Read more »

Forever Hungry: Suntory Torys Highball

This whiskey-based highball is quickly becoming my favorite canned drink. It is a simple concoction of lightly sweetened whiskey, lemon, and carbonated water, at 7% alcohol. It is super refreshing! Tastes like something you would get at a bar but without paying bar prices. Plus check out the adorable retro design!   I am excited… Read more »

Forever Hungry: New Touch Sano Ramen

When I was suffering through a cold a couple weekends ago, I asked Roy if he could pick me up some instant ramen since I felt like it would hit the spot. He went off to a conbini and came back with – and I quote – “the most expensive ramen they had.” It was… Read more »

Forever Hungry: Takara Shikuwasa Highball

That’s right: we’re venturing into booze territory. Our first stop is this Takara shikuwasa-flavored Shochu Highball. I mostly got it because I love shikuwasa, a tart lemon-lime sort of deal mostly found in Okinawa. This particular canned shochu is limited to the Tokyo area for the spring season (you can see the full lineup on… Read more »

Forever Hungry: Meiji Macademia Dark

Testing out my new lightbox* with some snacks! Roy randomly got me these Meiji Macademia Dark chocolates one day after work. I love Meijii chocolates, which is good because they practically have a monopoly on the cheap chocolate market in Japan. Meiji chocolates usually have some kind of cool packaging with little details I love… Read more »