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About Sarah
I’m a 5’2″ half-Japanese, half-Polish/Irish/Lithuanian “windup doll” according to an art teacher I had once. I live in Tokyo with a boy with glasses and two unrelated tuxedo cats.

I draw comics, make websites, host podcasts, and take pictures. I also spend too much time thinking about money, food and human behavior. My favorite pastime is drinking too much and watching copious amounts of Guy Fieri.

I’m a super Type A person, so I’m constantly looking for the next thing to do. Some kind and patient people have urged me to put my extra energy into a blog, so that’s what I’m doing. I also love sharing life in Tokyo with people who may not be able to experience it for themselves.

I like to keep things organized, so I’ve broken up the blog into the following topics:

Eating and drinking stuff in Japan! I cover everything from snacks to take-out to booze.

Doing my part as a consumer in a capitalist society: toys, household goods, games, clothing, and so on!

The weekly video game podcast Roy and I host. We do Let’s Plays of a variety of games, which basically means we record ourselves drinking and rambling at a television screen.

Travel category with copious photos of all the places we visit! I’ll cover day trips and vacations along with a myriad of themed cafés.

Where I’ll explain how to do stuff. Since my ~talents~ range from drawing people inside boxes to Photoshop sorcery to writing up a custom CMS, this is where you’ll see my truly nerdy side come out.

A way for me to explain some aspects about Japanese society and culture.

I’m a huge music lover, so naturally I needed a way to share my favorite tracks with you all.

Let’s Be Social Butterflies
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Email: atremblecat@gmail.com

Nerdy Shit
Camera: Nikon Coolpix P610
Computer: iMac
Tablet: Cintiq 21UX
Phone: iPhone 4S

About the Site
Forfoxsake runs on WordPress and is hosted by Dreamhost*. I built the theme in a few days using Bones and SASS. The background is from Subtle Patterns. Fonts used on this site are Autour One and Open Sans. Software I used include Adobe Photoshop CS5, TextWrangler, CodeKit, and Flow.

Affiliate Disclosure
Whenever appropriate, I will sprinkle affiliate links throughout my posts. Ordering through the links will earn me a commission and is a nice way to support the blog.

*Dreamhost has its faults, but I like it for smaller end sites like mine. Use promo code “forfoxsake” to get $27 off of a year’s worth of hosting.