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For our latest Patreon giveaway, Roy and I found these blind boxes of a series of little old man figurines. I couldn’t resist adding them to our lot of prizes.

Who wouldn’t want one of these dudes hanging out with you? I like the sitting one, personally.

The premise translates to:

When I was a student, I lived by myself and didn’t go out much.
One summer vacation, while heading back from the convenience store,
I picked him up…
A little old man!!

And so began the cherished days spent with
A little bit annoying, kind of charming,
And surprisingly selfish,
Mysterious little old man.

After doing some digging, I found out that the Chiisana Ojisan series (which I’m going to now refer to as “Little Old Man”) has its own set of animated shorts based on comics by Asano Noi, which she posted to her blog called Little Old Man Diary (she also has an active Tumblr, where she posts slice of life comics as well).

Translation by moi.

Translation by moi.

The Little Old Man series fits right into the “kimokawaii” category, a sub-genre of the kawaii classification that translates to “gross-cute”. Other examples could be things like tiny human bodies with food where their heads should be, or a slightly realistic depiction of a human face on fungi. Anything that’s slightly uncomfortable to look at, but deep down has some element of cuteness to it. Here’s a list of images considered kimokawaii for the morbidly curious.

Surprisingly enough, there are a number of of the animated shorts available to watch on YouTube. The format is a short 30 second clip with a poetic, dream-like narration juxtaposed on a young woman living with this mute tiny old man.


In any case, I tried to give him milk.

He fell asleep right after he drank it. He must be tired. What do I do with this old man?


“Old man. Which do you prefer for breakfast: bread or rice?”
“Rice, then.”
Somehow I was eating breakfast with an old man I didn’t know.

What do you think? Would you pick up a tiny old man if you happened to cross one?


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