Jambox: Girl From Ipanema Goes to Greenland by B-52s


One of my favorite songs from B-52s. I want to live inside this video. Play the song in the ending credits of the 80s movie that is my life.



Roy’s been trying to make me watch more movies, which is difficult because I really don’t care for them for reasons that don’t entirely make sense (“They’re too long!” she says, elbow-deep into marathoning 1-hour episodes of the Sopranos). But he knows what I like: old school stylish sci fi movies (and uhhh, over-the-top action movies).

We watched Dark City on Sunday, and while I can’t say it was a perfect movie by any means, it had a lot of stylistic storytelling elements that I adore. Stop motion visual effects, twisted color schemes, and memorable character designs. Emma gave me Blade Runner Rachel vibes, minus the depth. So…I drew her! I’m trying to draw more fanart to improve my composition and coloring.


Gachi Maya updated as usual this week, with Patreon staying a week ahead.

I also laid down cursory groundwork for some parody comics of Yume100, or what I’ve been referring to as “the prince game”.


The game lends itself to some ridiculous moments which need to be shared with the poor people that follow my work.


My Fair Hunter

Roy has been slammed with work, so unfortunately we weren’t able to record an episode of My Fair Hunter early for patrons as per usual. We’re planning to make it up by recording two episodes this weekend to get back on track. Roy doesn’t know this yet.

Chic Pixel Plus

Anne and I recorded another episode this week (due out early next week!). We finally discuss the first manga title of the show! I love the book club-style format we’ve got going on. Please look forward to hearing us gab. There may be an audible point in which both of us mentally break down while trying to recap the latest Makura no Danshi episodes.


Not much progress made with the latest game I’m creating with Roy, but this week has been kind of off for me as a whole and I haven’t got as much done as I would’ve liked. Let’s hope next week is better.

Have a good weekend!


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