Stuff! Totally Normal Manga I’ve Been Reading on Pixiv


You may know Pixiv as an online hub for artists, but did you know they also have comics? Pixiv Comics is where you can read countless titles for free online (Japanese only).

Some comics only have certain chapters you can read to entice you to buy the published version, but there are quite a few that have each installment available to read for free. Just click the “いいね!” button on any title you like and you’ll be notified whenever that title has an update.

With that brief introduction, here are some titles I’ve been into lately.


Odette by Hiate Haru.

Odette is a manga about clumsy yet cheerful Tae and her cat boyfriend. Her cat boyfriend doesn’t talk, so he communicates using body language (easy to do since cats are pretty transparent). He appears to understand his perky partner as she does all the talking.


Need that sun spot.

Odette is a mixture of 4-panel gag humor and slice-of-life moments between the two as they go on various dates. Their relationship seems pretty solid, so a lot of the scenes mostly focus on their interactions and thoughtfulness towards each other. The chapters available to read are limited but contain ample heart-warming scenes.


Checking out stuffed animals at the aquarium.


You can read sample chapters of Odette here. There is one published volume of the series that came out in February of this year. I…might need to track it down.


Ashondeyo (Lesh Pway) by Rakuda.

I kind of avoided Ashondeyo because it seemed predictable (daily life with a pet corgi), and the baby talk kind of bugged me. BUT I got over it and I get it now. I GET IT. It’s clear that the author has a deep understanding with their pet corgi.


Did you call?

The corgi’s movements and behavior are wonderfully drawn. I appreciate the author applying the corgi’s intentions (despite the baby talk…) while his cartoon self tries to reason with it.


Electromagnetic guard.

The manga actually began as a series of illustrations by the author on Twitter, which blew up to the point where he created a manga. You can read the first eight chapters on Pixiv Comics, and it has one volume recently published at the end of May.


Kainushi Kemonobito to Pet Joshi Kousei (Wolfman and his Pet School Girl) by Kaji Peji.

I feel like I have to explain myself for this one. Why was I compelled to try this manga? Well, it boasted over 5 million views. Also, it’s about a wolfman owning a pet schoolgirl. I’m not above this. Are you? No. That’s why you’re here.


Totally unprepared for human-owning.

Jenovy is a well-meaning muscular businessman who recently purchased a human pet. His friend Rolf is a little concerned since Jenovy is prone to abandoning hobbies after three days of trying them out. Seems Jenovy has a short attention span. How will this fare for poor Rira, who has no memory of the events leading up to her being owned by Jenovy? Moreover, she dislikes dogs.


Taking Rira for a walk.

Kainushi is surprisingly light on pervy moments, and focuses more on Jenovy’s genuine desire for a successful pet-owner relationship with Rira. Rira meanwhile struggles to remember where she came from and the inability to communicate with her owner.

Despite the absurdity of the plot, the manga draws a lot of parallels to real life pet ownership and perhaps even provides some insightful commentary on the morality of “owning” another living being.


Typical pet owners.

Like Ashondeyo, you can read the first eight chapters online, and its first published volume just came out in May.

So, there you have it.

I’m not sure if there’s a common denominator in the above three titles – all they do is show the diversity of my college-educated tastes.

Are you reading any online comics through Pixiv? Any titles you recommend? Let me know in the comments!



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