[Liebster Award] Interview + 11 Facts About Yours Truly, Illustrated

I spent all day working on this post, but I had been mulling it over ever since blogger bro Anne nominated me on Chic Pixel a few weeks ago.

Look, ma! I'm a winner. I stole this image from Anne's blog.

Look, ma! I’m a winner. I stole this image from Anne’s blog.

Basically, you answer 11 interview questions and then present 11 facts about yourself. I went a step further and drew up my responses for easier digestion.

Here we go!



3. Do you set yourself a goal of number of blogs per week or month?

(I couldn’t think of any clever answer for this. I aim for 3 posts a week (M-W-F, yo.)

l-sol-04 l-sol-05 l-sol-06 l-sol-07 l-sol-08 l-sol-09 l-sol-10 l-sol-11
11 Facts About Moi
Really had to wrack my brain for these. Brace yourself.

l-sol-12 l-sol-13 l-sol-14 l-sol-15 l-sol-16 l-sol-17 l-sol-18 l-sol-19 l-sol-20 l-sol-21 l-sol-22

Boom! I don’t know too many other bloggers, but I will extend nominations out to Roy (he’s shaking the cobwebs off his blog Kotowari) and Elliot of Doki Doki Kusoge fame. Let’s see what you guys got!



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