Forever Hungry: Suntory Torys Special Edition Bitter Orange High Ball


Hello friends. Today I have a Torys Special Edition Bitter Orange High Ball by Suntory.

I’ve mentioned before that the classic lemon high ball is probably one of my favorite canned beverages that I’ve come across for its clean taste without too much sweetness.


So special my camera couldn’t see straight.

The Bitter Orange edition is pretty true to its intended flavor. Where you might normally except some acidity from the orange there was instead a bitter tang that makes the drink feel very adult. (I would not recommend this drink for children as their palettes for canned alcohols have not yet been developed.)

Still, the novelty started to wear off after about halfway through the can, which led me to the important decision that I prefer the traditional lemon version. Phew! Sometimes these special edition beverages taste better than the original, which makes it a bummer when they stop being sold.


The little man has an orange on his tray.

I’d recommend trying the Bitter Orange high ball if you’re able to find it. Sometimes it’s good to shake things up and try something really zany by replacing one fruit with another.





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This bitter orange drink was really yummy as I have a lot of tins in my fridge because I really like its taste. This drink is good for health because this is made up of real pulp and it contains no chemicals in it.


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How can I get suntory torys special edition bitter orange high ball here in London ?? Is this available here in London because from the glimpse of it looks great….


I would have buy it just for the can. It's fabulous! Is it more of orange or bitter by taste?)
My colleague in Essaybox also collects cans. So, where can we get this one?


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