[Soapbox] We Have a Patreon!

Happy Friday! I have some exciting news!

~*~*We opened a Patreon.*~*~

I have been working on this for the past month, trying to come up with the best milestones/reward system. I think we have some enticing incentives for people who pledge at all levels!

If we reach the first milestone, everyone (including $1/month tiers!) will be eligible to win prizes from our fancy new Patreon store.

The first giveaway’s featured prize is this…

So not only will you help support all the fun stuff Roy and I bring to the web, but you’ll have a chance to nab some really neat prizes. I take pride in finding unique items that I haven’t seen anywhere else. I’m excited at the prospect of shopping for patrons!!

Patrons will also help me and Roy continue to produce content every week. In fact, we just bit the bullet and ordered a capture card modded 3DS so we can get My Fair Hunter back on track (with social nights!). Everybody wins.

Please take a look by clicking below!


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