Out & About: Kameido Wisteria Festival

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Roy’s mom came to visit us for Golden Week, but sadly she missed all the sakura action only a few weeks prior. Luckily Roy found a wisteria festival that was happening in Kameido! The crowds, booths, and wonderful scenery was a good way to experience a taste of what we went through during sakura season.


I was surprised to see how much of the festival took place around water.

We were greeted with a massive pond with several different ways to navigate the area. Most of the crowds were concentrated in the center, so we wound our way around the outer perimeters.


This view was right at the entrance.


DSCN0620 DSCN0621

Love the reflection of the pond on the underside of the bridge.



The crowds were more intense as you got to the center.



True to the Kameido name (“turtle door”), there were a ton of turtles hanging out.

One thing I didn’t expect to see were all the turtles! I would like to think that they were the ones who hosted the festival for the public. I may have taken more pictures of them than the actual flowers.

DSCN0628 DSCN0629

Tokyo Sky Tree in the distance.



What would be a festival without cramped food vendors?

I love looking at all the food stalls at a festival. Roy and his mom got some yakitori which some drunk old people explained to them how to enjoy (“eat while hot” + “add some shichimin to it”).


Towards the back of the festival was a shrine with some live performances.



More turtles sunning themselves.



Turtle butt.



Hilarious sleeping ducks.



I had to zoom in on the duck and turtle. Note the turtle’s posture. Note it.



Turtle friends.



Pretty sweet spot for a turtle.

The area outside of the shrine area was fun to explore as well – streets were closed off for shoppers to wander around, with numerous back alleys hiding various hole-in-the-wall restaurants. If you missed the sakura season but still happen to be in Japan for springtime, then definitely give Kameido a visit! The turtles are waiting for you.



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