Out & About: Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku


We had some time to kill before our reservation at the Sailor Moon Crystal Café, so we spent it walking around the immediate area in Kabuki-cho. It’s been years since I’ve been to Shinjuku so it was fun to see everything with fresh eyes.


Roys senses something a miss.



Gorilla giving a peace sign.



Crows were congregating down this one little alley way. The sign says “Road to Get Rid of Memories”. Perfect for a Japanese remake of Vanilla Sky.


Definitely saw our share of questionable looking dudes and places geared towards adult night life (including a window display of sex toys and dildos just, y’know, hanging out.)


Entrance to the infamous Robot Restaurant. I want to go here some day! Tickets are ~$70 USD per person.



Shinjuku cityscape.



We braved an overflowing Don Quijote while killing time. I picked up these socks since almost all of mine have holes in them.



Stopped by Kinokuniya on the way back from the Sailor Moon Café. After flipping through a lot of unfamiliar titles, I decided to buy the first two volumes of Wakakozake.

A nice excursion into a weird part of Shinjuku. There was a bunch of good-looking restaurants gearing up to open at the end of April, so a revisit might be in our future some time soon!


apricot sushi

I really want to hear what you think about that manga! And was there any reason restaurants would open around the end of April? To get the Golden Week crowds, or just a coincidence…?



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