Out & About: Floating Flower Garden in Miraikan


If you’re wondering how to spend Golden Week in Japan, let me explain something. It is not:

1.) On Children’s Day

2.) At a science museum

3.) In Daiba.

We unwittingly did the above three things to experience what is perhaps one of the most magical moments in my lifetime. Battling through a sea of my least favorite types of strangers – parents and children – we went to Miraikan, aka the National Museum of Science and Emerging Innovation (yes, we saw robots), to stand in a long line for an exhibit called the Floating Flower Garden.


I learned about this exhibit through Spoon & Tamago a couple months ago and had been dying to experience it. The crowds and wait were worth it: for two minutes, you and your party get to go inside a spectacular room adorned with fresh, live flowers hanging from the ceiling.


The flowers were attached to sensors that responded to your presence, and as you walked around they would drift out of the way around you.

The installation is inspired by a Zen concept of everything being as one.


The dreamlike experience has stuck with me ever since. I attempted capturing some of it and put some clips together in babby’s first compilation video:

The first part of the clip shows the flowers from the outside – you can actually see through some windows what people are experiencing while you wait in line. Unfortunately since our time was so limited the inside experience is not as long, but you can watch more in Team Lab’s video here:

Sadly the installation is not a permanent one and has since ended. I hope I was able to adequately share the experience! (p.s. if you are interested in seeing more videos, let me know!)


apricot sushi

More videos!! Wooooo!! YEAH!!

Seriously though, this is amazing! It looks like a fairy land XD


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