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Asakusa is a great place to go if you don’t mind wading through some touristy areas. There are a lot of affordable places to shop and foods that you can eat while walking around. I didn’t get any pictures leading up to the ubiquitous shrine area, but we started our day off with some gelato, stopped in a pickle shop, and tried out some fried green tea manju.

As we got further towards the main shrine in Asakusa, the crowds started to get more dense and I decided to finally whip my camera out.


The skyline reminded me of Kyoto.

Living in Japan, I’ve found myself strangely feeling more at ease when I’m in an area with a lot of foreigners. I think maybe it’s because we stick out less, and I feel like I can let my guard down a little. Asakusa is a great place to get lost in a crowd.


One of the guardians at the temple gate.



Omnipresent Sky Tree watching over us.



People crowding about to get their fortunes and make wishes.

The scent of incense will hit you before you actually get to the temple. A lot of people wash their hands at a designated purification spot before wafting some incense towards themselves. Finally they’ll proceed to the inner temple area to make a donation and a wish.


This was the place we got our fortunes. You deposit a coin on an honor system and shake out a little stick from a box. Then you pull out your fortune from a draw with the corresponding number that’s on the stick.



I got the bad fortune :(


Roy somehow managed to get the best luck fortune that you could get! This was the second time he drew this fortune.


Vibrant murals on the ceiling of the main temple.



It’s hard to tell the scale from these pictures, but they were actually quite massive.



Aside from the first few platform, this statue was made entirely from bronze.

As we got further away from the main shrine, we found there were areas that had less people. There was a little park area to the left exit of the shrine and a completely deserted area behind the shrine that had some magnificent trees (and a public bathroom with no lines!)


This tree had been destroyed in WW2, but a new one grew inside its husk.






Roy contemplating what to do with all that luck.

After exploring the shrine area, we stumbled on a string of outdoor izakayas (bars) completely slammed with people. We ended up eating at a place famous for its katsudon before heading back home to sample some of stuff we picked up earlier in the day.

Sometimes visiting a touristy area can be fun if you take the time to explore outside of the standard fare. I also found out that Asakusa after hours is also a sight to be seen due to the art displayed on the shutters for stores! Might be nice for when the summer heat drives us to only go outside at night.


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You had a fine trip as the pictures are expressing that you got an entertaining and beautiful place for travelling. I am determined to have a visit to this place as there are so many beautiful views there to enjoy.



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