Forever Hungry: Chabara Store in Akihabara

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We went to Akihabara one weekend searching for a place to get a 3DS capture card, but unfortunately missed its open hours. So we instead wandered around when a store called Chabara caught my eye. It is right near the AKB48 and Gundam cafés (and no, I do not plan on going to either of those) and contains many wonderful food stuffs from all over Japan.

Inside is a food market that sells exceptional ingredients from different prefectures, ranging from snacks and drinks to frozen high end meats.

We were checking out some stuff when a staff member approached us for a picture:

The picture was taken with an Instax and was pinned to a bulletin board on a pillar in the store along with pictures of other customers. Sadly the board wasn’t there when we went again a couple weeks later, so it must’ve been a super temporary thing.


Close up of some brownies we bought (walnut and ginger flavors)

We spent a loooong time just browsing all the different types of food the store had. Everything was laid out so that you could leisurely explore, and they were generous with samples.


Bought this for a friend who is into decaffeinated coffee. One is coffee blended with soybeans, while the other is blended with red rice.

I appreciated seeing speciality foods from different prefectures since I’m not sure if I would ever visit them on my own. The prices were pretty affordable, and our haul came to a little under $20USD. Of course there were higher end items that would easily put a huge dent in your wallet, but it was pretty easy to get a variety of stuff without feeling any financial guilt.


Close up of the top on the nyan cup saké, which is a play on the ubiquitous one cup saké.

If you’re ever in Akihabara and need a break from the intense otaku atmosphere, consider popping into Chabara to explore some regional Japanese food! This is a place I definitely would love to visit again and again.







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