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Living right next to a drug store is dangerous since it’s the one place where you can find a lot of really cool skincare and makeup stuff for lower prices than department stores*. I just ran out of hand lotion and was in dire need of something that would prevent my perpetually dry skin from going full-blown reptile.

literally me

literally me

I picked up this Mandom Cinderella edition body lotion almost entirely because of its packaging. I’ve been seeing these Disney Princess-themed skincare products floating around the internet and I finally had an excuse to buy one!

Close up of the elegant artwork and details on the back. This is an official Disney-licensed product and can only be found in Japan.

It was a little on the pricey side of about ~¥750, but I’ve been using it just for my hands and I can tell it’s going to last a long time. The lotion is mixed with macadamia oil and shea butter for extra moisture. The consistency is a little on the thinner/watery side versus creamy, but I’m finding it works better since creamy type lotions wash off easily. I’m a neurotic hand-washer so I hate having to reapply lotion all the time (which is why I think I ran out of my previous hand cream so quickly ughhh), but with this one I can tell it stays put even after a few washes. A little bit will go a long way which helps me justify the cost.

me again

The one thing I was hesitant about when buying was the scent which is “white jasmine”. When I’ve used lotions from Western brands like Bath and Body Works I’ve always hated the smell of their floral lines since they were always so revoltingly pungent. This lotion however has a really delicate smell that doesn’t make me want to throw up all day every day.

Looking at the product site, they actually break down the layers of the scent this way:
Top: Mango, lychee, bergamot
Middle: Jasmine, freesia, lilac, water lily
Bottom: Amber, cedarwood


Looking at said site, I wish they had the Snow White Fruity Cocktail version available at the store since I prefer fruity smells over flowers. (Also Snow White is up there for one of my favorite Disney movies. Not a big fan of Cinderella personally!)

If there was a downside to the product, I would have to say its use of mineral oil would probably be a deal breaker for people who have sensitive skin as it can cause breakouts. I didn’t realize until after purchasing the lotion that it contained it but haven’t had any issues so far. I’m still pretty happy with the purchase and have a little bit of Disney in my life in a (thankfully) subtle way.

* Tip for travelers: If you see a Matsumoto Kiyoshi drug store (the sign will often be in roman characters), you can take advantage of their free wifi! When we didn’t have a phone with a data plan this was a life saver. Just be careful because these places are always packed with people looking for deals and you might get trapped in one of their narrow aisles.


Camilla Evaline

This product looks great. I've been using Nivea body lotion for my dry skin. Reason of choosing Nivea lotion is, this brand available in almost every country. Can you tell, is this product available in Malaysia?


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