Soapbox: Ways to Follow My Antics Online

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In an attempt to put myself Out There more, I’ve decided to sign up for Bloglovin account. It required me to create a new post with the above code, so I thought I might as well have a quick roundup of other ways you can follow me online:

  • Twitter: my most active social media account. I often post daily ramblings, previews of comics I’ve been working on, and pictures of day-to-day life. My Instagram feeds automatically gets pulled into here and I set up an IFTTT recipe so that the pictures will display in the timeline.
  • Instagram: I find I’m most active here on weekend nights, where I’ll post a pic spam of how we spent our days.
  • Tumblr: Where I mostly post previews of artwork or Gachi Maya updates. I’m planning to start cross-posting some of my blog content there so that it updates more frequently.
  • YouTube: Roy and I are slowly getting back into the podcasting sphere, with plans to revive My Fair Hunter soon. We’re currently waiting on getting a capture card for our 3DS.
  • Flickr: My least active social media account, but with the best looking pictures. Chances are you’ll be able to see photos from up-and-coming blog posts that are scheduled down the road.

Weird to see my online life separated out like that. Sometimes it feels all clustered together! Anyway, I am working on setting up a Patreon that will entail monthly giveaways, so I wanted to give out this little signal boost as you’ll definitely want to follow me in some shape or form to get announcements. Stay tuned.


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