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One night after Roy got out of work we decided to see how the sakura trees we live near were lit up near the train station. There was a sea of out-of-towners buying food from stands and drinking champagne out of plastic champagne glasses. Being sucked up in a swarm of people bobbing under the influence, we slowly walked alongside a river that was littered with trees on either side.


The lanterns have the names of various local businesses on them. Definitely the least gaudy way I can think of to advertise to a shit ton of people all at once.

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The trees reached up towards the train station. I happened to catch a train going by which you can see through the trees.


Hopefully you can tell the massive size of these trees compared to the crowds. It’s hard to believe that these trees just hang out here all year long and only come to their peak for a few weeks a year.

As we slowly walked with the crowds, we came closer to this beautifully lit up tree that was illuminated by blue light from the building.

View from the other side.

Afuri is the name of one of Roy’s favorite ramen restaurants. Because of the sakura-viewing frenzy, the restaurant had a line straight out the door.

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It’s a good thing we went when we did, because right after this I came down with a horrible head cold that knocked me out for the next weekend of sakura viewing. Ugh! What terrible timing. Still, between this night viewing, the beer festival, and our day spent exploring in the rain, I feel like I was able to get ample sakura-viewing time in different ways.

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apricot sushi

I think sakura season is one of the times of the year when I miss Japan the most… it's just so magical! Then again, most holidays in Japan are… XD;;





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