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Sundays we don’t normally have any set plans, and usually find ourselves loafing around until we finally venture outside in the late afternoon. This Sunday was no different except that it literally started raining as soon as we decided to head out to Shibuya to pick up a few things. OK, so we’ll bring the umbrellas.

We walked to the nearest station, only to find it closed for construction.

OK. At this point it was pretty tempting to head back and hole ourselves up and get takeout, but we were going to leave ourselves open to a 3rd strike from forces outside of our control. We decided to walk to the second closest station, but this time we took a huge detour down a street we weren’t familiar with. Time for some exploring!


This town is absolutely #blessed with some incredible displays of sakura trees, and we found this one tucked in between some residential buildings and a parking lot.

A closer look.


We found a narrow entrance way (?) to a small path that acted as a road connecting two streets. We were the only ones around and didn’t have to worry about cars, so we took our time exploring.


Another little alley way.


Moving forward, we stumbled on this massive tree that is part of a children’s playground. As much as New England loves their #foliage, I don’t remember having a dedicated preserved tree as part of playgrounds where I grew up. Probably a liability or doomed to vandalism.


The play area immediately opposite of the sakura tree.


Down another alley way, we were interrupted by excessive bird chirping. For whatever reason one residence had a shit ton of birds hanging around its trees.


The station finally in sight, we still had to regularly stop and marvel at the line of sakura trees leading up to its entrance. (Locals didn’t seem fazed at all by the surrounding beauty however.) I love the large sakura tree branch hanging straight out over the road. Our town back in America regularly had these type of branches trimmed back to avoid interference with power lines, so I’m not used to seeing something like this.


Roy noticed this branch growing under and over this bus stop enclosure. Nature! Sometimes you just gotta get lost in it.

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