Forever Hungry: Takara Shochu Highball Ginger & Ramuné

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I know what you’re thinking: Sarah! You don’t talk enough about booze! You’re right. I am here to rectify that with a double booze review: Takara Shochu Highball in Ginger and Ramuné flavors. (You might remember my first Takara Shochu Highball review with Shikuawasa flavor.) This time I spent some time taking close-ups so you can see the special artwork and dimpled can texture.


The “ramuné for adults” flavor.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, but it still weirds me out just a little bit that Takara would mix alcohol with a flavor that’s usually associated with kids: syrupy sweet and fizzy ramuné. Normally I don’t really care for ramuné so I took the ginger flavor while Roy took this one.


The back has artwork of what looks like a matsuri.

After trying each other’s drink, though, I found I liked the ramuné flavor more while he liked the ginger. I think I was expecting a stronger ginger flavor, so the drink felt kind of muted to me. The ramuné one had a toned down flavor of the kid’s drink so it appealed to me more.


Closeup of the artwork on the ginger can of what looks like a yakiniku place.

Like the shikuwasa one I had a while back, both drinks were light on the sweetness and really refreshing, which I’m finding is a huge selling point for myself. I don’t wanna drink to get bogged down! I need to stay light and airy so I can keep drinking feel like a lady.


I’m horrible at product staging, but at least you can see what the drink actually looks like!

I’m glad I had the chance to review a couple more of these limited edition flavors. Looking forward to what they come out for summer!



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