Forever Hungry: Takara Shikuwasa Highball

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That’s right: we’re venturing into booze territory. Our first stop is this Takara shikuwasa-flavored Shochu Highball. I mostly got it because I love shikuwasa, a tart lemon-lime sort of deal mostly found in Okinawa. This particular canned shochu is limited to the Tokyo area for the spring season (you can see the full lineup on their site) and contains 7% alcohol.

I love the packaging on the can but unfortunately didn’t think to take some close up shots. Still, you can see the dimpled texture on the can that makes it look kind of sparkly in the light. I love dimpled cans! It makes the drinking process feel much fancier. The artwork featured is different depending on the region and season too.

This limited edition can boasted no added artificial sweeteners, which works for me since I much prefer sugar or stevia over stuff like sucralose which is a goddamned nightmare for me every time I consume it. It also has 0% purine, which is normally very high in beer and can contribute to gout*.

Just as advertised, the highball was not that sweet at all compared to most canned alcohol such as chu-his, which I’m pretty sure were engineered to get toddlers drunk. It tasted more like shikuwasa juice mixed with seltzer. Might be off-putting to some people who prefer their fruit-flavored drinks a little sweeter. It was just right for me though! Felt just like spring time.

* I had to look this up because the word for “purine” in Japanese is identical to the word for “pudding”. Kept wondering why alcohols showcased 0% pudding levels!


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You know it's fancy because the can is gold! So they're not talking about pudding…. The more you know


It was so nice of you that you shared your day with us and those little things which are pleasure. It was a great time when I was reading your blog because it was an entertaining thing that I had after a long time.


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