Forever Hungry: Suntory Torys Highball

featured-hungry suntoryTorisuHighball

This whiskey-based highball is quickly becoming my favorite canned drink. It is a simple concoction of lightly sweetened whiskey, lemon, and carbonated water, at 7% alcohol. It is super refreshing! Tastes like something you would get at a bar but without paying bar prices. Plus check out the adorable retro design!


Dig this little dude.

I am excited to drink it every time. Although I don’t drink soda, I love carbonated beverages, so having bubbly booze is always a fun treat. If you like whiskey but want something on the lighter side, definitely give this a try if you’re able to.

Bonus commercial that just came out:

(Aaand sidenote: why do places in Japan pack their drinks with ice and no straw? It’s a nightmare for my teeth!)





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