Forever Hungry: New Touch Sano Ramen


When I was suffering through a cold a couple weekends ago, I asked Roy if he could pick me up some instant ramen since I felt like it would hit the spot. He went off to a conbini and came back with – and I quote – “the most expensive ramen they had.” It was ¥130 (~$1.10 USD). Bless that boy.


Close up the mascot for this ramen named “Sanomaru”.

The ramen is made by a company called New Touch, and this particular product is from their sugomen (“cool noodles)” line. The type is called Sano Ramen, which is based off of a soy sauce broth.


According to the site, the Sano Ramen was recently revamped in October, making it currently in its 8th iteration. They upped the quality of the onions – which I actually noticed without having known this prior! – and increased the quantity of the noodles by 2 grams.


Freshly opened, the Sano Ramen came with three separate packets: a slice of char siu with bamboo (what!), soup base, and green onions.



What the noodles looked like. Selling points were that they hadn’t been fried but instead air-dried with hot air, which makes it lower in calories.



After putting in the hot water, the directions tell you to put the soup base on top while waiting for the noodles to cook.



End result!

As mentioned earlier, I was surprised to find that the green onions actually tasted like green onions. The char siu practically melted apart and the bamboo had a decent crunch to it. The broth wasn’t as bitingly salty as your standard Maruchan ramen you might find at a grocery store in the States. Overall I enjoyed it a lot as the flavor was mild compared to a lot of soy sauce-based broths.

Could there be such a thing as high quality instant ramen? This experience made me want to do more testing!



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