Forever Hungry: Meiji Macademia Dark

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Testing out my new lightbox* with some snacks! Roy randomly got me these Meiji Macademia Dark chocolates one day after work. I love Meijii chocolates, which is good because they practically have a monopoly on the cheap chocolate market in Japan.


Meiji chocolates usually have some kind of cool packaging with little details I love looking at. On this box they have tiny flaps that you can insert on the sides of the box.


Opening the box is pretty dramatic, and came with instructions on how to peel off the plastic layer from left to right (seriously). The plastic insert that the chocolates came in was glued to the bottom of the box so it wouldn’t pop out all over the place.

The chocolate was pretty damn good. Meiji chocolate somehow has a “softer” taste that is hard to describe but makes it easy to eat since it doesn’t leave a gross grainy residue in your mouth like say, Hershey’s. I also love macadamia nuts and the snack was pretty much right on the money in terms of chocolate-to-nut ratio. A+ would eat again. You done good, Roy.

* Kudos to Anne from Chic Pixel for the idea! Aside from the box, all the materials I used were picked up from a ¥100 store. I couldn’t find tracing paper so I swapped it out with paper meant for ink brushes.


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Woooow, I'm ready to bet that's absolutely tasty, I really want to try it. And looks so heavenly great! Not as great as girls and boys on, but still sexy and cute. Can we share it both? I mean, amazing chocolate and tasty girls. Let's go, you'll like this atmosphere as much as I like your candies!


Wow this chocolate is really looking very delicious to me and I really want to have a bite of this chocolate. I really like that someone would give me this chocolate as a gift for my birthday.


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