Forever Hungry: Okonomiyaki Takeout


The simple design caught my eye among all the garish flyers we normally get.

What better way to revive a blog than with a food post? Thanks to some nudging and supportive words from friends, I’ve decided to revive my blog. Now that I live in Tokyo (!), I thought it would be fun to document everyday living. This prompted me to create a new category dedicated to food reviews called Forever Hungry. This will cover restaurants, fast food, conbini finds, and takeout/delivery.

Yesterday was a lazy Sunday I wrote this on Monday WE DIDN”T DO SHIT ON SUNDAY, so we wanted to take advantage of a takeout flyer we got in the mail*. We do takeout maybe once a week, with meal planning during most of the weekdays and dining out on weekends. Takeout has been standard fast food/pizza delivery, but this flyer promised something unique that I couldn’t help but to try.


The back shows examples of restaurants you could get takeout from (…even Outback Steakhouse.) is a site where you can pick your residential area and town, and they show you local restaurants that offer delivery along with estimated delivery times. The site is actually nicely designed, and every part of the process felt well thought-out. This service is a great option for people who don’t want fast food but are too hungover to dine in somewhere. It also opened a ton of possibilities for us, since a lot of the restaurants in our area are either completely packed all the time or look too intimidating to go in.

After much debate, we decided on okonomiyaki from a restaurant called Syun (actually, the full name translates to “Kyoto Kujo Onion Specialty Store Era Syun”…and their URL is short for “onion fetishist”(!?) Am I seeing this right? Hah.)


The estimated delivery time was about an hour, but the actual delivery time was much quicker. As the name of their restaurant implies, onions (specifically scallions) are their specialty and they get a shipment delivered every day straight from Kyoto.


Roy got the okonomiyaki “special”, which had a sunny-side egg up on top.


I got the cheese tonpeiyaki, which was basically a really runny omelet with pork slices inside.


Fresh Kyoto scallions sprinkled on top.


It looks so inviting.

Verdict: the okonomiyaki was amazing, especially with the egg yolk running into it. The tonpeiyaki was great, but cooled off too quickly for me – the okonomiyaki retained its heat much better. I ended up wishing I had gotten the okonomiyaki for myself too, and we both found ourselves still hungry after the meals. (…I’m pretty sure the sauce turns your stomach into a bottomless pit.)

Overall, I’m not sure we will be taking advantage of fineDine that frequently. The price ended up being around $30USD for the two of us, which included a small fee for delivery and 5% coupon** that we got from befriending fineDine on Line. Also, many of the restaurants had an 1-2 hour estimated delivery time, so we wouldn’t be able to pull a “fuck it, let’s just stay in and binge-watch Man Vs. Food”, which is normally when we decide to get takeout. Still, it’s cool to have the option of local restaurants in the area deliver their best stuff right to your door.

* Normally I would throw stuff like this out back in the States, but I’ve been finding myself examining every piece of mail we get at our new apartment. The colors totally lure me in.

**Though, maybe they are generous with discounts? I totally missed the 15% off coupon on the flyer itself, and I received a survey that will give me ¥1,000 off of my next order. HMMMmmm.


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