Jambox Holiday Special 2013


Hey there! Sorry I’ve been so inactive on this little blog. I have some holiday music I consolidated so you can pretend I was there for you.

by Fletcher C. Johnson

should I take a nap?/or watch the parent trap?/I turn it on as I fall asleep

Lumberjack Christmas/No One Can Save You From Christmases Past
by Sufjan Stevens

if drinking makes it easy/the music’s kind of cheesy/the specials on the tv

This New Year
by Big Tree

everything used to be so easy/now it’s so damn hard

I already celebrated Japanese New Year with Roy earlier:

So there’s that.

Obviously we have been through some major changes in the past couple of months: Roy is now safely tucked away in Tokyo, and I just recently dove back into working in a corporate environment. Our various podcasts are currently on hiatus.

I did, however, make a small announcement regarding a new comic that we have been working on. The thought behind doing this was multifold:

  • Roy and I always work pretty well together, but so far the work has been towards video game projects. We wanted to try our hand a collaborative comic.
  • A serial comic will be easier to manage with a day job versus producing random short stories, which was originally my goal for 2014
  • We can collaborate on it despite distance and different time zones

It’s still in early stages of development, but the characters and story are something we’ve been talking about for almost a year. Progress pictures are going on my Tumblr as always, but I plan to write about our process more formally on this site so others can see how we’re putting this all together.

2013 Reflections
If I had a one-word takeaway from what this year has taught me, it would be “PATIENCE”. Despite our efforts on the Monster Hunter Beginner’s Guide in the summer and fall of 2012, it wasn’t until spring of this year that we were mentioned on a slew of gaming sites and finally saw some success for our efforts. I stopped Rumbirds to rework my skills as an artist and I’m so glad I did, even though it felt like a huge step backwards. I’ve been making an effort to S L O W D O W N while working because for me the end result is always much better than doing things without really thinking them through.

I went back into comicking carefully – at first submitting my work to a couple of zines I was invited to, and then participating in 24 hour comics day, and then producing a short love story comic. Normally I’m impatient when it comes to creative endeavors, but even the most rudimentary planning makes the work ten times easier to produce. Likewise, I can’t expect instantaneous results for anything I do. Instead of measuring “success” in daily increments, I now try to allot for something to take months before it gains any sort of momentum.

Thoughts for 2014
2014 is shaping up to be an even crazier year, and some major changes are on the horizon that are equally both terrifying and exciting. But let’s focus on things I can actually control.

Aside from producing better work in 2014, I want to start regularly giving to charities, Kickstarters, or small businesses. That was one of the promises I made to myself when I decided to accept a day job again. It’s a well-paying position, so I want to avoid the common pitfalls of wanting more and more: after a certain point, it’s enough. So my aim is to pay off my student loan (or make at least a sizable dent) and give generously to those in need. If you’re in a financially comfortable position, please consider giving to those less fortunate or who are struggling to make their dreams come true.

Well, that’s about that. See you next year! Let’s make it a great one!


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