Jambox: CHiCKS & NERDZ by Tanaka Alice


It’s sounds exactly what it looks like: pop-infused “rap” riding the Kpop trend sung by 16 year old Tanaka Alice. No apologies.

Updates from this week

Life can currently be summed up in this tweet:

And it’s about to get crazier (!), but right now everything else is under wraps.

Also I’ve been figuring out a way to deal with ALL THIS CHANGE, and have found the following things help:

  • Self-initiated projects: I started a “24 hour comic” project that is spanning more than 24 hours BUT I have a finished script and some pages penciled. That is better than most weeks.
  • Reading manga & YA books: my friend C lent me her copies of Magic Knight Rayearth and I all but devoured them this week. I totally needed the escape. I also just finished the first volume of Across the Universe lent to me by another friend and am eager to sink into volume two.
  • Muscle men action movies: I’ve been finding myself shunning “thinking” movies in favor of Schwarzenegger, Mark Wahlberg*, etc., BROING IT UP. A friend is bringing over an Arnold movie to watch tonight, and I’m so ready to get lost in a sea of muscles and explosions and questionable one-liners. Maybe I should take up cigars.
  • Video games: Animal Crossing, Pokémon, and Kingdom Hearts HD. Anything with colorful palettes and themes about friendship and change.

Last thing: The Hana Doki Kira Kickstarter has reached its first stretch goal, which means the hard copy books will have a lovely foil print on the cover and us contributors will get more compensation for our work. Yay paid work! I was also featured today on HDK’s Facebook page, so there’s that (hello new readers!).

What will next week hold for us?

* Who I always confuse for Matt Damon. Thankfully Roy has accepted this instead of fighting it and now understands what I mean when I say I want to watch a “Matt Damon movie”.

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This has been the most viral video on the internet and I was really amazed to see the views on this video. The music in this track really makes you shake your body all the way up and down.


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