Jambox: 正常な脳 by 空きっ腹に酒


I missed last week’s Jambox update since it was my birthday and I was out doing birthday things*, but this is the artist I would’ve posted if I had to make a special birthday Jambox post. The song is Seijou na Nou (Normal Brain) by Akipparanisake (Saké on an Empty Stomach). Crazy rock/punk sound, crazy energy, and I think I’m totally in love with the dude’s voice.

Updates from this week
The Hana Doki Kira Kickstarter is now officially past 100%! If you’ve hesitated to contribute before, think of how now you can be part of a winning team.

I met my goal of finishing Ray of Light by my birthday last week, so I polished it up and made a PDF book that people can download through Gumroad. It was incredibly painless to set up and I like the way it integrates into my site. Definitely plan to use it for future projects.

Aside from that, I’ve been preparing for various possible Day Jobs that inexplicably fell into my lap all at once**. Some of the preparation is answering interview questions and industry research, but the rest of it is just mentally readying myself to dive back into corporate work environments. On top of that, Roy and I are waiting on some news that would entail a Very Big Move down the road, so I’ve been feeling scattered and paralyzed by The Unknown.

I dunno. I need to get some floral pants.

* Birthday things included: attending a Uniqlo opening, eating falafels at a Turkish diner hidden behind a gas station, watching Gravity in 3D, dining out, and spending the night in playing chess and drinking bourbon.

** Potential well-paying job offers from three different sources in one week, just as I hit a lull with my freelance work. Life is definitely trying to tell me something.

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