Jambox: The Quick and The Dead by Ladyhawke


OK, this Jambox post is a little bit of a cop out. The above is the intro/teaser trailer for an upcoming Let’s Play series I’m doing with Roy featuring Dark Souls. We wanted to do more Let’s Plays since a lot of people seem to like them (we got surprisingly positive feedback from last year’s Tokyo Jungle one!). The song used is The Quick and The Dead by Ladyhawke, which Roy chose out of a Dark Souls playlist* I made after we recorded our first episode earlier this week. The lyrics happened to fit perfectly, and the music matches the darker tone of the game.

We’ve been talking about doing Dark Souls for a while now, and last week we finally sat down and made an outline. It was hard trying to figure out where to put it among our other various projects, but we finally decided that our Let’s Play series was going to be something that covers a bunch of different games. Roy wanted to call our series “Asobou” (Japanese for “let’s play”), but I thought that would be too hard to say, so we went with “Asobi” instead (“play” as a noun), which lent itself to a pun…And Asobee was born.


At this point, we’re keeping Asobee as another component of Kotowari. So new episodes will show up there every Friday, although we are setting up a Tumblr for those who just want an easy way to follow the Asobee series on its own.

During our brainstorming we were trying to figure out other graphics we can add to make the episodes more visually engaging, and we came up with the idea to have little reaction shots to stick in the corners**:

Expressions-Roy-Final Expressions-Sarah-Final

Our first episode is expected to go up next Friday, and I’m pretty excited to see it come together. Recording was way different from when we do My Fair Hunter. There aren’t any lulls in conversation because I’m constantly directing Roy where to go (and, you know, making poop jokes.) I should make a poop joke emoticon.

Updates from this week
Despite all of the above stuff, this week was shaping up to be a wash. It started off with a Series of Unfortunate Events over the past weekend from which we were trying to recover from. I couldn’t find the mindset to work on my current comic project. I wanted to start penciling this week, but it didn’t happen. Ah well. Working on these little faces (and new twitter icons for Roy and myself) felt pretty good though. I also updated my Tumblr theme, which was the victim of my fiery scorn for however many years I’ve had the account. I…deeply dislike Tumblr themes.

Tomorrow is 24 Hour Comic Day. I’m going to try it. Will I emerge with a finished 24-page story? Or will next week’s update be written in an underground cave, surrounded by fire light and wall scrawlings that say ornery things like “who needs comics anyway” and “just what????” and “???”.

See you next week!

* My other top picks for an intro song were Bad As Me by Tom Waits and Bitter Branches by PJ Harvey.

** I also posted sketches on my Tumblr.




rush my essay

This has been my favorite track that I have been listening from a very long time. I just love to hear it all the time mostly when I am working in the office at the peak time.


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