Jambox: School Uniforms by the Wombats


those school uniforms made a joke / made a joke of me an’ you

A song about a harem anime hetero male puberty.

Updates from this week:
Our first Dark Souls Let’s Play airs today! Keep your peepers on Kotowari.org for the episode. It clocks in at almost 90 minutes, so get yer YouTube watchin’ pants on.

Last weekend I participated in 24 Hours Comics Day and was able to complete 50% of an improv story which you can read on my Tumblr. It was an insanely trying day. I…was actually not going to do it at all, but Roy convinced me otherwise, so I cancelled plans with some friends to hunker in for about 12 hours straight. A friend of ours had crashed at our place the previous night and was nice enough to get me a huge coffee in the morning so I could work nonstop. I plan to write a takeaway post on things I’ve learned from this project, but essentially it can be boiled down to PLANNING. ALWAYS PLAN!!! The most taxing part of the project was having to come up with a story on the spot. I’ve talked before about decision fatigue, and it hit me really hard towards the end of the day. Having a script, character designs, and page thumbnails significantly decrease the mental power needed to draw the actual pages, since a lot of decisions have already been made. I am really glad I attempted it, though, and am excited to share what I’ve learned from the experience.

I also reshuffled my routine. I find it needs a good shuffling now and again. Right now I have days blocked out for various projects and so far I’ve been happy with this arrangement. I was able to pencil 12 pages of my upcoming short story, Ray of Light. I think I’m on track to have it done by the end of the month, at which point I will have it up for sale on Gumroad, an ecommerce platform I’ve been wanting to try. This particular short story is different from my previous ones because it features a male lead and ZERO mischievous animals. What have I become?

Have a good weekend!



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