Jambox: Farewell Alcohol River by Bonnie Pink



Trip down memory lane! This was one of my favorite songs in high school. From Bonnie Pink’s 1997 album Heaven’s Kitchen.

Updates from this week
AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER WAS HAD, DEAR READERS. I wanted to use the analogy “when it rains, it pours” but Roy led me to believe that it’s only to be used in negative circumstances. I don’t know. Rain is pouring, but in a good way. There is something going on (Mercury Retrograde??) that is causing all sorts of things to happen out of the blue lately. Mostly opportunities, but a lot of self discoveries as well*. I wish I could be less cryptic about it, but I’m still processing everything.

What I can share, though, is a couple of panels from the first few inked pages of Ray of Light:

Page-01 Page-02

I’m forgoing screentones and using textured brushes combined with flat colors and seeing where that takes me. I’m digging it so far.

Not much else to report this week! Check out our latest Dark Souls playthrough. There’s a hefty montage in there that is pretty entertaining (I normally never watch the podcasts myself, but this was too good not to re-watch.)

See you later!

*Roy might say that one of these discoveries is my recent affinity towards action movies. Like, anything with a muscled dude shooting guns and blowing shit up. We watched Terminator 2 the other day and I loved it. My movie tastes have regressed to that of a 14 year old boy’s.


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essay on time

First I was wondering that this is also a normal website but then a friend told me about getting free online comics from this website and I am really enjoying surfing this website all the time.


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