Jambox: Be Good by Waxahatchee


You don’t want to be my boyfriend/And that’s probably for the best

One of many excellent tracks on Waxahatchee’s debut album American Weekend (2012). I’ve had this album for a while but only recently started to pay attention to it. It fits a lot different moods, although that’s probably because I’m a sucker for lo-fi and will find excuses to listen to fuzzy noises.

Updates from this week
The second episode of our Dark Souls Let’s Play is up!

Also: did a lot of drawing. I’ve started to try to get some type of original illustration done at night, some of which I’ve been posting on Tumblr:

10stupidshit 10GenocideBall

I penciled another six pages of my ongoing short story project Ray of Light, and have four left before I start inking. I am pretty happy with how it’s turning out. It has the potential to be a longer series, but I think I’ll consider this a standalone thing for now.

I’ve already been daydreaming about goals for 2014. I am thinking about doing one short story comic a month for the entire year. I would exhibit at conventions again, selling minis of said short stories, and compile them into a printed book at the end of the year. It’s a challenging plan, but I’m excited about building up a body of work this way. (I’m gonna get a running start by doing stories for November and December of this year too.)

That’s about it. Have a good weekend!



Just wanted to wish you luck. I myself want to start drawing a comic, but I’m afraid my skills may need some sharpening. I hope you put a book out someday. I’ll totally buy it. Your style is very cute. Well. Have good one. I know there isn’t a point to this message other then wasting your time sorry. I’m a huge procrastinator and spend far to much time on social media sites and such. Bye.


This has been the most awesome track to listen that has really touched my senses. I am always there to listen to this type of music all the time while I am working at the office.


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