Jambox: Price is Right by A-1



Price is Right!! This is the theme song reworked and rapped over by A-1 from his album After School Special. The album has other renditions of 90s theme songs like Family Matters and Golden Girls. The album is pretty excellent overall and not as hokey as you’d expect.

Updates from this week
Gunner’s guide date announced
We finally announced a release date for our gunner’s guide! It will be out on the 16th. I’m both excited and nervous since there are still so many little details to wrap up. Thankfully the books are pretty much done at this point. I haven’t been posting as many previews as I would’ve like to, but I did share some spot images earlier this week:

I’ve also been stressing out more as we get closer to the end of this project. After not leaving the apartment for several days, Roy dragged me to a park yesterday to do outdoorsy things like stare at foliage and ponder the contents of an abandoned Gatorade bottle hidden under some dirt.

I’m now at a point where I have to stop fussing and take a break from looking at the guides. That way I can make any last-minute adjustments with fresh eyes.

New business update
I met with my friend again this week to expand on the new business we’re trying to start. I put together a spreadsheet that prices out materials we’ll need for packaging and registered a domain name. We also made a list of what items we’ll carry and what we’ll avoid. This weekend we’re going to look at places to find potential merchandise, which should be fun. I’ve always liked the idea of having a well-curated online store, and was thinking of opening one if I ever found myself living in Japan again. This will be a good chance to gain some experience building and maintaining a retail microbusiness.

That’s about it for now. Have a good weekend!


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