Jambox: Live Your Life by Yuna


I woke up with this song in my head. It’s mellow and makes me think of driving on the highway at night. The artist is Yuna, a Malaysian singer that was introduced to me by my friend C when we did a music swap one day. (Apparently this song is in GTAV? What a bizarre coincidence. Though the series did always have an excellent soundtrack.)

Updates from this week
Our gunner’s guide launched on Monday, so I’ve been taking some time to regroup and shift my focus on to other projects. One project is a new business that I mentioned briefly a few weeks ago. I’ve been meeting every week with my friend A to make progress on our idea of launching a highly curated online store for home decor. We’re calling it Rarebird Finds.

I finalized the logo this week:


I plan to write a progress post on how the logo evolved to what it looks like now. I know there are some issues with it (could be simpler, more minimalist, more abstract), but honestly I had fun with it, and like the softer look of an illustrated logo versus a high-end abstract symbol. I’m starting to realize that while it’s good to hold yourself to a higher standard, sometimes you have to ignore all the noise and do what feels right.

More Comics
Last night I started concept sketches for the script I wrote last week. I kept procrastinating on them for no real good reason. I’ve been reading a book on sociology and it talks about how habits are shaped by environment, not through a person’s sheer will. So I’ve been pondering how to better set up my environment for working on comics. I find I get really inspired after I read some comics, so maybe my process needs to change: read comics as a trigger -> sit down and draw -> reward self with….something. (The reward is important because it give you positive reenforcement. But I’m terrible at rewarding myself.)

Anyway, here are some sketches for Ray of Light (working title, I think). A short story about death, diners, and baseball.

Character-Sketch-2 Character-Sketch

Have a good weekend!


Joe Cannizzaro

Someone's been real interested in psychology lately, haha! It's weird, I guess we think the same way. Whenever I have trouble with ideas when thinking of comic concepts and the like, I more than likely resort to some aspect of psychology. But, yea, I think you're really starting to pull everything together rather well. Can't wait to see how it all unfolds in the next few months!


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