Stuff! Animal Crossing: New Leaf QR Codes


Some people have asked me for QR codes for my designs in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so here you go! I made three inspired by actual clothing I’ve seen online.

HNI_0068 HNI_0069 HNI_0070 HNI_0071 HNI_0064 HNI_0065 HNI_0066 HNI_0067 HNI_0060 HNI_0061 HNI_0062 HNI_0063

If you don’t already have the QR code function unlocked in New Leaf, that means you haven’t talked to the Abel sisters enough! Talk to the one in the back every day until she starts to open up to you. Then she will install a giant sewing machine where you can scan and create QR codes. Have fun!

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