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A few weeks ago Roy and I went to Vermont for a weekend. His relatives rent a cottage every year and we were kindly invited to stay for a few days. Despite being knee deep in work for our upcoming Gunner’s Guide, we decided to take a few days off to do some sight seeing.


Saturday we went to Singleton’s General Store, which has BEES in the store front. You can watch them go in from the outside and do their little honeycomb dancing on the inside. They also have a crazy walk-in beer cooler, which is basically going into the room behind the refrigerated display cases. The rest of the store looks as though it was frozen in time, which was evident by food packaging with old company logos.

Farms n such

On Sunday we drove up to Burlington. The weather worked out in our favor and I was able to get some scenic photos from the ride up.

More farms

What I love about Vermont scenery is how far you can see the landscape. And it’s all very, very green. Lots of farms doing their thing. We witnessed what I could’ve sworn was a freakin’ camel, but it was actually a two-humped llama. (Who does that?? Llamas, get your act together)

Wouldn't be Vermont without hippies

Soon the farms were being replaced by hippies, and we knew we had arrived in Burlington.


Burlington center is a really neat place to walk around. Entire roads were blocked off just for people to go shopping and eat. You could tell the businesses took pride in how connected they were to their local community.

We ate breakfast at the Skinny Pancake, as recommended to us by VT local Anne from Chic Pixel. Sadly we didn’t get any good pictures (…we were hungry, okay?), but it was absolutely worth going, despite that they didn’t have either of my first two choices that I wanted to order, and despite them getting Roy’s order wrong. (He ordered a burger and they tried to give him a breakfast burrito. I don’t think “breakfast burrito” is even in Roy’s vocabulary, so it was hard not to laugh.) Still, it’s worth going if you’re in the area.

Tea break at Dobra

After ducking in and out of stores, the sun was starting to get to us. So we took a tea break at Dobra, a tiny little cafe with an interesting back story: originally from Prague, Dobra was formed by rare tea lovers in the last few years of Communism. Roy LOVES communism (or at least, talking about it), so he was pretty happy to support a place with roots tied to rebellion and secret meetings. Dobra has a decently-sized book from which you can order teas, all with their own stories. You also, um, ring a tiny little bell when you’re ready to order. Vermont, amirite?


After a ton of exploring, we ended the day in Burlington by having dinner at the Farmhouse Tap & Grill. Roy chose this place especially because of Heady Topper, a top notch beer that they carry, which isn’t available outside of Vermont. Well, they were out of the beer, so we settled for alternatives, which were still pretty good. We split a cheese platter before our main courses. Roy got some mussels and I got a kale dish with corn cakes.

Sadly I ended up having to send my meal back because it was ridiculously over-salted. The waiter took it off of our bill, which was nice, but I would’ve really liked to, y’know, have had a nice meal instead.

Clouds n such

Anyway, we headed back to the cottage as the sun was starting to set.


But not before pulling over to take a photo of this…thing…hanging out in front of a car dealership.

Glass blowing at Simon Pearce

We drove back home on Monday, but we took a detour at Simon Pearce with Roy’s mom. She always raved about this place so it was neat to finally go there and see it for ourselves.

It’s a store front, glass-blowing studio, and restaurant all wrapped up into one. We explored the store while we waited to get seated for lunch. There were things such as a $40 martini glass (singular) and $75 dollar glass bowls. I told Roy not to touch anything.

Restaurant at Simon Pierce

The restaurant, though, was more reasonably priced. And the meals were really good, thankfully ending our streak of bad luck with food in Vermont. We were seated with a view of a covered bridge in the distance. The area was hit pretty hard by Sandy, so the bridge had been newly renovated.

I guess it makes sense for this to exist

We also stopped by a pretty large antique shop, which had a whole upper level dedicated to vintage toys. I spotted these game boards on a shelf and was tempted to get them (they were practically MADE for me), but ultimately I resisted. I was also considering buying an adorable Miss Piggy mug from the 70’s, but changed my mind when I saw a framed poster by Jules Chéret.

My haul

My haul from Vermont: a Jules Chéret poster, which matches our weird faux Parisian theme in our kitchen, and a second-hand Banana Republic leather bag that I got for a steal in Burlington ($29 versus the retail $280). I had been using tote bags almost exclusively for a year now, so it’s kinda nice to have a bag for grown ups, especially for things like client meetings.

Overall, Vermont was a pretty relaxing trip, although it might be a while before we decide to head back to farm country. I love nature and all, but there was a point where I was getting hippie fatigue. It was also just a nice break from being cooped up in the apartment all day.

Wanna go where we went? Here’s a handy Google Map I threw together so you can visit all the places I wrote about.

Until next time!



I'll admit I got a tad teary-eyed reading this :') My homeland!

Glad you enjoyed Skinny Pancake, but that's a real shame about your orders! I remember them being a tad flaky but not that bad. At least the food is good!

And good to see you hit up Dobra Tea! That was one of my favorite hangouts. I could chill there for hours 😀

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