Jambox: Thank God for Sinners by Ty Segall


(NSFW warning for some blood at the end there.) This song is super stuck in my head today. It’s sort of a 60s “life is kind of unreal right now” vibe.

I guess life is a little bit strange at the moment. Just learned that our family dentist passed away last night. Utada Hikaru’s mother (who was a star when my mom was growing up) jumped off a building. I found myself seriously crying over my Cintiq last night, trying to work while watching an especially sad episode of Buffy. Which is weird because I didn’t think I had much attachment to the show despite binge watching it while I work (on season 5 right now.) What is going on?

Work-wise, I took a few hits in productivity this week. I was still able to get stuff done for our guides every day, but not to the degree that I was able to last week. Yesterday was pretty good though: I prepped for a meeting with a potential web client I’m seeing today, made some changes for another client, recorded an episode of My Fair Hunter, drew an illustration for the guide, finished penciling a comic and inked the first page. Bonus: I also prepped images for my Vermont write up that should be out next week.


Preview of the page I inked last night. Still getting used to drawing water.

This weekend is already starting off really busy, with lots of meeting people and socializing. I’m hoping to get some work done in between, but will try not to fault myself if I don’t. I can start anew on Monday.


essay editor

That was the most awesome track to listen because I really like to talk about these types of songs all the time. It was good to see that you that you are sharing the songs that I like.


I have heard this song a thousand times as I am obsessed with this song and really loved it. You are really awesome as I think we have a same music taste so that’s the reason you share such kind of music.


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