Jambox: I’m Not Your Hero by Tegan & Sara


Sometimes it feels like I’m all that they’ve got
It’s so hard to know I’m not what they want

I love Tegan & Sara for the honesty in their lyrics. Some of them are so personal it’s as though you’re reading a diary. This track is from Hearthrob, which came out earlier this year. In my opinion it’s on par with So Jealous, which is the only other album of theirs I like. Very high replay value. Sometimes I hear their music in various hippie towns I visit.

Speaking of hippie towns…! Roy and I spent three days in Vermont last weekend. A write up is in the works. I didn’t mention it because I still have a lot of work to do, and didn’t want to seem like I was slacking. (I…did say I have an unhealthy attitude towards work, right?) A part of me knows nobody cares. Another part of me is waiting to be shamed by some Internet phantom for taking time off when there’s so much to be done. Whatever. Something I need to deal with.

Updates from this week:
Put together a process post on the Culty blog showing the steps I took to make the Gunner’s Guide cover. I actually wrote the post on the way up to Vermont.

Other stuff? Worked on changes for a couple of website clients. Other than, non-stop work on the guides: illustrations and page layouts.

Never in a million years would I have thought I would be drawing monsters and weapons on a regular basis. I have a rough draft of the Bowgun ebook that Roy and I are going to go over today and see where we can squeeze in more graphics.

I also wrote up a script for another short comic that’s part of a larger project I was invited to. I’m very excited to do right by this one! I’m being vague about it now but details will emerge soon. I love being invited to contribute comics for a bigger project. (Related: you’re following Hana Doki Kira, right? I have a preview up there!)

So much to do, but it’s all very fulfilling. Life is good right now.

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I often love to hear these types of tracks that you have shared up here and it was good to have it. There is always something interesting to read in the blogs on this website.


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