Jambox: Green Eyes by Erykah Badu


My eyes are green/Cause I eat a lot of vegetables/It don’t have nothing to do with your new friend

A three-part suite about insecurity.

My Friday posts are quickly becoming a recap of my work week and I hope that’s okay! This week was great despite a couple of days where I absolutely couldn’t get any work done. I started on the cover of our gunner’s guide, which is actually going to be split into two separate guides – one focusing on bow, and the other focusing on bowgun (it took me forever to set them straight!).

Monday I sat down with Roy to brainstorm what would be on the cover and did some concepts sketches and inking. Tuesday I worked for 8-10 hours straight coloring in Photoshop. Wednesday was a wash because of some family stuff and Thursday was spent wrapping up a website that was in the works since spring.

Today I intend to finish up the guide cover, or at least get very close to being done so we can start promoting the guide coming out in September. Exciting! I plan to do a process post on the Culty blog to show how I put everything together. I would say I’m about 70% done with the cover at this point.

I also managed to finish the comic I had been working on in the previous two weeks. And now I can talk about it! It’s for Hana Doki Kira, a shoujo zine with a bunch of amazing contributors that I feel incredibly honored to be a part of. The organizers just set up a tumblr that will showcase in-progress stuff from the artists. I might post some sneak peaks of my contribution, but after working on it for so long it’s hard for me to open up those files again. I’m still very excited for this zine to launch and see all the other art that will go into it.

Well, a 800MB Photoshop file awaits me. See you next week!

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This is the most exciting track to listen and I really like to hear them all the time while I am working. People really have forgotten about this type of music that was pretty viral in old days.


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