Jambox: Casting Agents and Cowgirls by Busdriver


I love how chaotic this song and video is! From Busdriver’s 2007 album Roadkillovercoat. You might also recognize him from P.O.S’s 2012 album We Don’t Even Live Here (another artist I need to feature soon! Argh!).

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this week! I meant to post the final Bradbury-inspired Shop Talk installment, but time got away from me. It will go up next week. I also plan on posting the process behind the Gunner’s Guide cover, along with a lil’ tutorial on how to use the dress shop in Animal Crossing: New Leaf since people have been asking me about them.

Speaking of the Gunner’s Guide….

Updates from this week:


We put up the landing page for our Gunner’s Guide, and everything has been non-stop since. We’re offering a ton of extra content (videos and audio books!) which I am really excited about. The audio books are in the works and I can’t wait to reveal who does the reading.

Since we’re in crunch time now, I’ve been focusing on drawing the graphics for the books and laying out the pages. Gunning is complex so we are aiming to be generous with the diagrams. Roy and I also went through both of the guides together, word by word, to make sure it was easy to read. We are both really happy with how things are turning out.

By the way – how cute are the fake book mockups on the landing page? I created them using templates from PSD Covers. They are Photoshop actions that do everything for you. I might do a tutorial to show how I used them with the guide covers.

Well, back to work! See you next week!

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